Mar. 17th, 2012

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Announcing... finish-a-thon 2012! Yes, we're doing it again.

Remember all those poor, neglected plot bunnies that have been starving from lack of attention, because all those ficathons kept on having higher priority? The stories you wish you could finish, if only you could find the time? Well, fear not, the finish-a-thon is coming to the rescue!

The finish-a-thon is a ficathon, with all the ficathon-like things like deadlines and fellow volunteers to encourage you, but with this ficathon, you write your own ideas. But since part of the encouragement of a ficathon is writing things for other people, what we're going to do, is vote for which story ideas people should write.

I have set up a website to facilitate the ficathon, including a handy-dandy sign-up form which should make entering all the information easier.

PLEASE let me know if you have any problems.

Sign-ups end:
AEST: Saturday 31st March 2012, 8am
GMT : 30th March 2012, 10pm

Stories due:
AEST: 9th June 2012, 10am
GMT : 8th June 2012, midnight

(more detailed date information is in the Rules and FAQ page)

Note that you can edit your sign-up information as much as you want until the sign-up deadline, at which point editing will be disabled.


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