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Finish-a-thon Killaurey Poll

The following are the plot-bunnies which Killaurey [personal profile] killaurey has put up for voting:

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: teen
Type: het
Description: Seeking Rin -- Sakura x Kakashi. When Sakura finds out that Kakashi still dreams of Rin, his first love, she makes the decision to break up with him because she doesn't want to be loved as a replacement. Then Kakashi gets so sick that even Tsunade can't heal him--but is she even trying? When Sakura pries into the matter, she finds out that Kakashi isn't the only one who is sick, that her best friend Ino is up to something that's going to kill her, that Rin might never have existed at all, and that everything Sakura thought she knew was a lie. Last updated Dec. 9/11 at 11 chapters/53,000 words; would commit to 12,000 more words, which would be three chapters. The story so far can be found here:

Fandom: Tiger & Bunny
Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: Wake the Garden -- With Maverick gone, Barnaby is free for the first time in twenty years. Too bad freedom is made up of unreliable, traumatic memories, no ability to tell what's real or not, and the only person he trusts to help him being out of town. Barnaby faces a year of trying to put himself back together when he's not even sure what together means.

Fandom: Naruto
Rating: teen
Type: see description
Description: Equal & Opposite -- Kakashi x Sakura, Ino x Sakura. Kakashi dies on a mission and Ino brings his body back to Konoha. Sakura goes back in time to save him by insinuating herself onto the mission team. But for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction and changing the past doesn't mean that everything will work out perfectly. The more things change, the more they stay the same--and death is not an easy enemy to thwart.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: teen
Type: het
Description: Butterfly Bound -- Theodore Nott x Hermione Granger. Sixth year AU. The damage dark curses do can't be healed. Or can they? When Harry lies slowly dying from an incurable curse, Luna suggests that they try to find the fabled universal cure. The problem is that the cure is supposedly found inside of a book that's belonged to the Nott family for hundreds of years and to use the book, one of the Nott family must willingly enter it along with whoever is searching for the cure. Hermione asks, Theo agrees--but why? And why does the fine print of the book warn that getting in is easier than getting out?

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Which plot-bunnies should Killaurey (killaurey) write? If and ONLY IF you are a participant, you may select two bunnies. Everyone else must ONLY select ONE! If you are the author, select the "I am the author" option.

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