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Finish-a-thon Libby Poll

The following are the plot-bunnies which Libby [ profile] libbstarz has put up for voting:

Fandom: Silmarillion
Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: Another one of those life-story of Erestor type fics, this time (crazily) setting him as a grandson of Feanor (just because I can). I've had this as a major part of my headcanon for a long while, but I've never written about it. Basically just a story following his life from birth at Mithrim through the First and Second Ages to Imaldris in the Third Age.

Fandom: Black Magician Trilogy
Rating: teen
Type: slash
Description: Angsty/slighty horror type thing I've already mostly written. I sort of fell out of love with this fandom, but I really should finish this (it was one of my better ideas). The main character has strange dreams, which leads to demon possession and a realization that that friend is more attractive than he first seemed.

Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: A crossover between the world of the Black Magician Trilogy and Final Fantasy XIII. I've had ideas for this in the works for a long time. Half the cast of the original BMT books are pulled forward a thousand years to a time when technology is sort of advanced but still a little steampunk, and find that the people they left behind became legendary heroes who saved the world and fulfilled their focus, turning into crystal. This tale follows another rise of evil and how the old legends reawaken to combat it.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: adult
Type: gen
Description: Epic-length fic which I might have to go for the 'write 7000 words' option on. Story of the four founders; their lives, their friendships and hates, how they became such great wizards and witches and how they founded Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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