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Finish-a-thon Nico Mody Poll

The following are the plot-bunnies which Nico Mody [personal profile] vilakins has put up for voting:

Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: This is a WIP I started last year and do plan to finish this year. It's an AU where Vila leaves the Liberator after City at the Edge of the World. The story follows what he does and how his absence affects the rest of the Liberator crew for the rest of season 3. Along the way, Vila encounters some OCs and two people we already know from season 4.

Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: A PGP in which Vila is officially dead, but is rescued by a farming family on Gauda Prime. This plot idea was inspired as a way to counteract the whole Avon as last man standing shtick that B7 Enterprises were going to go with.

Fandom: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Downton Abbey
Rating: teen
Type: gen
Description: This one is inspired by the web cartoon Dork Tower. Basically the Doctor grabs Sherlock from the present day and takes him (and John because I love John) back to Downton Abbey. I suspect people will go for this one and I really don't have any idea where I'd go with it. But I think it might be fun.

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Which plot-bunnies should Nico Mody (vilakins) write? If and ONLY IF you are a participant, you may select two bunnies. Everyone else must ONLY select ONE! If you are the author, select the "I am the author" option.

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