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Here is the Official Master-List post for the 2008 Finish-a-thon. Stories are now due.

Participants, please give the link (and title) of your completed (or partially completed) stories in comments to this post. I will update the master list accordingly.
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Due to circumstances beyond my control, next weekend is going to be pre-empted by Real Life, so I'm giving everyone (including myself) a week's extension.

New due date:
Australia and New Zealand:
Stories finished: 1st November 2008, 10am

The Rest of the World (yes, that includes America):
(Greenwitch Mean Time)
Stories finished: 31st October 2008, midnight
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Since [ profile] rubynye just sent me a message saying she couldn't finish her finish-a-thon story, I figure that now is a good time to post the "help I can't finish" messages post.
If you find that you can't finish your finish-a-thon story, then comment in this post, so that I know (and so that all the non-finisher information is in one spot).
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And the moment we have all been waiting for - the results!

Participants must undertake to complete their stories/writing targets, by midnight GMT, the 24th of October 2008.

Drumroll please:
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Here is the voting for the finish-a-thon 2008! There are 21 participants this year.

Voting is now CLOSED.

Each participant has a list of plot-bunnies to vote for. Following that are two polls for each participant. The first poll is for anyone to vote in; the second poll is an extra vote for participants. You cannot vote in the second poll unless you are a member of [ profile] multific and a participant.

1) Can vote in all polls. You don't have to choose the same thing for your "extra" vote as for your initial vote. You don't even have to fill out your extra vote if you loathe the idea.
2) For the polls about your own bunnies, click on the "I am the author" option.

Everyone else:
1) Vote in only the first poll for each participant.
2) If you accidentally vote in the second poll when you shouldn't have, click on the "I am not a participant" option.

If you make a mistake, click on the link above the poll that says "Poll #NNNNN", then click on the link that says "Fill out poll", and you will then be able to correct your mistake by filling out the poll again.

I CANNOT CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES FOR YOU. The security of the polls do not allow me to alter any of the votes. As it should be!

Voting will finish at midnight GMT, on the 23rd of August; that's a week from now.

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Delwyn )
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Izhilzha )
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Kathryn Andersen )
Marian )
NetGirl Y2K )
Nicola Mody )
Raedbard )
Rubynye )
S )
The RCK )
Trinity Day )
Van )
Zenia )
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Announcing... finish-a-thon 2008! Yes, we're doing it again.

Remember all those poor, neglected plot bunnies that have been starving from lack of attention, because all those ficathons kept on having higher priority? The stories you wish you could finish, if only you could find the time? Well, fear not, the finish-a-thon is coming to the rescue!

The finish-a-thon is a ficathon, with all the ficathon-like things like deadlines and fellow volunteers to encourage you, but with this ficathon, you write your own ideas. But since part of the encouragement of a ficathon is writing things for other people, what we're going to do, is vote for which story ideas people should write.

Sign-ups are now CLOSED.
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Australia and New Zealand:

(Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Sign-ups begin: Saturday 2nd August 2008
Sign-ups end: Saturday 16th August 2008, 8am
Poll is put up: sometime between the 17th and the 23rd of August
Voting ends: about a week later
Results announced: by the 30th of August
Stories finished: 25th October 2008, 10am

The Rest of the World (yes, that includes America):

(Greenwitch Mean Time)
Sign-ups begin: 1st August 2008
Sign-ups end: 15th August 2008, 10pm
Stories finished: 24th October 2008, midnight
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