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Stories are now due!

If you have finished
Make a comment here, saying "finished", and the URL where the story is.

If you have a partially complete story
Make a comment here, saying "partial", and the URL where the partial story or 1000-word extract is.

If you have nothing to post
Make a comment here, saying "tried", and some explanation as to why you did not succeed.

I am using the awesome power of the finish-a-thon wiki to present the story-finished results in a neat manner, in the Author Status Page. This page will be updated periodically as the information comes in.

The following are in danger of being have been blacklisted:

Bonster [ profile] jacklemmon
[ profile] netgirl_y2k
[ profile] sivanshemesh
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There's less than a week to go, peoples! So I thought I'd ask again.

[Poll #1603375]

I'll be posting the Official Finishing Post on Saturday, where you will comment with URLs (or not) and I will update the website with same - the Official Master Page is here (yes, one person was kind enough to check in early, kudos to them!)


Jul. 29th, 2010 08:11 am
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There's a little over two weeks to go, folks! So I thought I'd ask y'all how you were going.

[Poll #1598585]
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Right, I'm closing the polls now. The results will be posted when I'm done, possibly in half-an-hour, possibly an hour, I'm not sure.

Polls are all closed! Results are on the website. See the full Author Listing to see everyone's results, or go to the individual author pages to see just a particular author's results.

We had two ties! If you have a tie, you don't have to work on both of them, just pick one of them to work on. Mind you, you could work on both of them if you really wanted to.

Let the fic-writing begin!
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The polls are all posted! Go ye and vote!

Voting will close on Friday, so that I can post the results on Saturday.


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